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We appreciate your feedback. Do you have an experience to share? You may contribute your own experience here: Leave Us a Review. The greatest compliment you can give us is the referral of your friends and family. Your show of confidence is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to helping others achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles!

The quality of your service is outstanding. Dr. Latimer and her staff provide the best patient care that I have ever seen. This is not just a visit to the dentist, this is something totally different, this is a visit to a dental office where everybody is totally vested in giving you their best.

Dr. Anais M.

I really felt like I have finally found a dentist that is interested in my overall health as a whole picture. The dentist did not just focus on my teeth, but focused on other health issues through my entire body and how my teeth may be playing a part in the whole picture of my health. Thank goodness for finding them! Well worth it!

Carolyn C.

Conscientious, professional, and considerate. Have been a patient for years. From general dental hygiene to a mouthful of highly crafted and exacting veneer work, Dr. Latimer always put the therapeutic benefits of my dental health first. Never a hard sell for aesthetic work. Indeed, I can't imagine her recommending anything cosmetic until a solid foundation of dental health is achieved. Her team is as professional and courteous as she is. She also maintains the latest techniques, technical materials, and tools. And besides that, they've got a fantastic massage chair!

Dave T.

I've been a patient for a few years now, but I continue to be amazed at every appointment. It starts with Emily, who has to be the most pleasant, most efficient front office person ever. Shannon is the gentlest and most careful hygienist I've ever met and a genuine pleasure to visit with. Maria is always so friendly and helpful. And of course, Dr. Latimer is an extraordinary combination of everything one wants in a dentist. She is friendly, fun, caring, gentle, knowledgeable, and highly skilled - just like her whole office!!

Andy H.

I love going to the dentist! Never thought I’d say that! Being with Dr. Latimer and her crackerjack team is a wonderful experience – like visiting with good friends who happen to fix your teeth! I’ve learned more about dental care there from Shannon, Maria, and Dr. Latimer than I’d known in my previous 60+ years! These people are pros!

Gail W.

Emily, Shannon, and Dr. Latimer make a phenomenal team. They combine excellent clinical reasoning and dental care with great customer service. The continuity of care is impressive as it takes effort and focuses to deliver consistently. Additionally, as a fellow health care provider, I can’t say enough for the changes they’ve made in operations to continue to provide great care in this new environment. Couldn’t give a stronger recommendation for Latimer Dental Arts!

Brian D.

Best service and most caring and consistent dental care. They give care to all aspects of your dental health including how it affects sleep and overall body health. I also love how they take the time to consult with each patient. I have never had that with a dentist and it was refreshing to be so thoughtfully included in the important decisions of my dental health.

Kim M.

2 years ago at age 18, Dr. Latimer drew attention to my tonsils for the first time. They were enlarged, possibly obstructive, so with a history of sleep apnea in my family, I had a sleep study done. Going on to college was a very difficult time with limited sleep, added responsibility and not only that, I became a college NCAA athlete. 2 years would go by before I would decide to take care of my body and give it what it needed. Now without sleep apnea or my exercise-induced breathing issue, I improved my GPA and went on to win my division in my sport. It is amazing how healthy I feel every day, and what a difference this change has made in my life.

Erin W.

Latimer Dental Arts is simply the best! They have the highest standards of any dental practice in Houston as far as I'm concerned. Their approach to hygiene and safety during the pandemic is especially appreciated. I feel safer there than anywhere else in the city. A great team overall and Dr. Latimer is fantastic!

Heather B.

I've been a patient of Dr. Latimer's for the last 7 years. Her practice is tucked away in a quiet, peaceful house near Rice Village and I have never had such comprehensive and professional care. Dr. Latimer began her own practice because she sincerely wanted her patients to have the best possible care utilizing the latest advancements and personal attention. And that's what you can expect. They provide proactive care and will protect your overall health. I can't say enough about their staff - they are friendly, laid back, efficient, enthusiastic and very well informed. I have actually learned quite a bit about caring for my teeth and gums from them. If you have dental issues, they will help you handle them with excellent results. I highly recommend Susan, Maria and the others for both cleanings and more involved issues. Plus, Susan collaborates with top specialists to resolve all dental issues - from implants to gum recession, etc. There's no better care in Houston.

Richard K.

I was mortified when I chipped my front tooth at lunch. I called Dr. Latimer's office immediately and was able to get in the next day. I am so impressed they were able to match the exact color and shade of my tooth. Even I can't tell where it was chipped! I went from the worst moment to amazement all within 24 hours!

Jessica S.

Susan Latimer is the most careful dentist I have ever been to. From start to finish, she does the best work I've ever had. They do the most thorough introductory check-up to see what work needs to be done, gives an entire overview report of the work to be done. Then maps out the work with you in order of need, monetary considerations, and timing. Great work! And the entire team is great and just as well-trained.

Jan O.

Dr. Latimer has made a significant difference in my life. After my previous dentist retired, I began seeing Dr. Latimer in the spring of 2021. I had dealt with jaw pain from TMJ for decades and had worn a bite guard at night throughout that time. When my old bite guard broke, my previous dentist had replaced it with one that was slightly different. I wore it nightly during the pandemic, but it never worked as well. By the time I started seeing Dr. Latimer, I had a great deal of jaw pain and headaches. She worked me through one bite guard after another until I finally got some relief, but along the way, she had me wear a pulse ox some nights. She commented repeatedly that she thought I needed a sleep study because based on the pulse ox data, I was showing signs of sleep apnea. I’ve never had trouble sleeping, don’t snore, and don’t feel tired or sleepy during the day. I truly couldn’t believe that jaw clenching could be a sign of sleep apnea. But I met with a pulmonologist, had the sleep study, and Dr. Latimer was totally right! I’ve been using a CPAP for about a year and a half, and my jaw aches and headaches have completely disappeared. But most importantly, she may well be responsible for saving my life because sleep apnea causes a huge strain on the heart, brain, etc. I never would have guessed that I have it had it not been for her.

Jill R.

Thank you all for the TLC and cutting edge dental care that you have provided both myself and my brother. I knew that he would be getting the best and newest solutions for his very challenging case and that has absolutely been the case. Thank you very much for everything and I am deeply appreciative.

Viveca S.

While the data is pretty stunning on it's own, it doesn't really get close to quantifying how much this [treatment for sleep apnea] has affected every day of my life - and I have you and Susan to thank for it.

Bruce C.

I learned about Latimer Dental Arts from a neighbor. I have not experienced the level of care anywhere else. Dr. Latimer and her team go above and beyond with the detail of service using the most cutting-edge technology. My teeth have never been so clean and healthy!

Cullen G.

Dr. Latimer and her staff are simply superb. You will never meet a more detailed and professional dental office. I recently had some work done and the result was absolutely perfect - I'm extremely happy. Dr. Latimer and her staff have been caring for me for years and I would recommend them to anyone who wants the best dental care in the city. You won't be disappointed.

Mark M.

Dr. Latimer and her team are the most thorough, compassionate, wonderful dental professionals I have ever seen. They work so hard to make your experience calm and informative. Shannon is the gentlest hygienist. They have helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist. I actually look forward to my appointments!

Sam K.

Amazing holistic dentistry service, could not recommend more. Dr. Latimer and her office really care about your health.

Doug I.

Dr. Latimer provides a unique fusion of creativity and meticulous attention to detail. The whole team provides thoughtful, personal service that is rare to find these days. Each patient is made to feel like a valued individual.

Donna R.

Always a wonderful, warm and fun ( yes, fun) experience visiting Dr. Latimer's office. Dr. Latimer and her wonderful staff always make you feel welcome and like a friend. The cleanings are always superb and my dental health has greatly improved.

Maria P.

The highly professional dental staff welcomed me warmly and sincerely. Doctor Latimer and her assistant were very thorough explaining procedures and long term treatment goals. She also supplied me with equipment and instructions that greatly enhanced my own oral hygiene.

Ashley W.

I'm always greeted with a warm welcome and always get complete attention from the dentist and her assistants throughout the entire visit!

Aisha M.